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Set up user account lock under Windows 11!

Open Windows 11 settings the solutions!

Activate additional clocks / times in the Windows 11 taskbar!

Windows 11 old taskbar?

Detect the time until the battery is full or empty under Windows 11!

Remove password under Windows 11, login without?

Dock the window in the screen area under Windows 11!

Use file history on Windows 11!

Customize the touchpad in Windows 11!

Always show the scroll bar in the Windows 11 settings!

Make better use of the new Windows 11 Settings app!

Ways to find out how many cores your CPU has?

Administrator desktop shortcut on Windows 11 without password!

Optimize SSD drives weekly on Windows 11! 

Install Windows 11 on FAT or FAT32, is that possible?

Highlight different file types in different colors!

The Control-Panel menu in Run-Command easy to use!

Easy Open Close and Eject Media and Drive on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

The desktop clock with glass texture Transparent as in Adobe Photoshop!

Directory expression-preview at the console / command prompt!

Find similar flipped and rotated pictures on your Computer!

Alternative Screen Magnifier from XP to Windows 10!

Mouse Cursor Hide Disable and Options via the Windows taskbar!

Single or different pictures to a file!

Scan the hard disk for lost disk space on Windows 10.8.1, 7.0, ...!

Forget the Font Name!

The performance index of 8.1 / 10 / 11 Windows is back!

Optionally as installed or portable Windows Clipboard Tool!

Easy Resize Photos Via Drag and Drop and Upload Resized Images!

Very practical as a door sign or as another message!

Who wants to see soccer ball as mouse tracks on the desktop!

A Magnificent and Great Digital Desktop Clock for all MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

Free Software to Auto Hide Desktop Icons for Windows all OS!

Useful for Windows 11, 10, ... Files and Folder Copy and Paste Actions!

Change timestamps of folders and files quickly and effectively!

End programs via the To-Tray menu!

Insert specific text into the documents and win commands even under 10!

The alternative short notes Sticky Notes without Microsoft Store Windows 10!

Automatic initiation of standby mode under Windows 10/11 and other OS!

AutoLoginOK enables automatic login on Windows!

A 3D desktop clock for MS Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server OS with various settings!

Prevent Turn Off for all Windows OS desktop and servers and Timer!

List, extract all the images from Office file formats on MS Windows 11, 10, ... etc.!

Query the desktop color pixel value on all Windows 11, 10, ... etc.  OS!

Film.Strip.Explorer is the film strip view from Windows XP for 10! 

Classic desktop clock for Microsoft 11, 10, ... Windows OS with various settings!

Famous Desktop Calendar in To-Tray of the Windows 11, 10, ... Task-Bar!

Eject CD from the drive, problem solving desktop shortcut!

Virus message TheAeroClock!

Short how-to i use DirPrintOK!

Turn off the screen in 20 seconds, but never go to sleep, for SmartHome!

Timer for Standby, Hibernate prevent on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Export front pages PDF and export back pages PDF!

Remove Autostart of FontViewOK under Windows via the menu, program!

I want the time display to appear right next to the date display!

Q-Dir Columbian Espanol Short Help!

Can you make Q-Dir to be configurable what search tool to start?

Folder content appears delayed in Windows-10?

Quickly set a fixed time for the file time!

Minimize all windows if the mouse pointer does not move for a certain time!

Activate and deactivate the mouse wheel auto scroll function!

Switch user Save / Restore Desktop Icons and Windows!

DesktopOK only as Unicode from version 4.63!

Auto Word Wrap Example for Microsoft Excel and Word and other Office Tools!

Add my text plus what is in the clipboard, example!

Safely remove hardware if icon is missing, it works on Windows 10, 8.1, ...! 

Position the desktop clock correctly on the desktop!

Automatically change the power options!

V-Ram test the quality of the Ram and the Virtual PC/CPU!

Reorder PDF pages by simply dragging and dropping!

Stress for GPU on Windows 11, 10 and old Win 7 plus see the load balance!

If you want to leave a message to your roommates or colleagues!

Activate the optional seconds display on the desktop!

Columns and possibilities in Q-Dir the Explorer for Windows!

Highlight active address bar in all Explorer windows on MS Windows!

The left mouse button option Copy Move Confirm in Explorer!

Customize folder Columns / Save in Quad Explorer on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Show full folder path in Title Bar of Quad-Explorer for Windows!

Check box in the Quad File Explorer for file marking!

Change view to thumbnails (extra large symbols)!

Problem: Students create new desktop icons and swap positions!

Program icon for Desktop-OK lost after Windows 10 update!

Texts with short individual additions via copy_text!

PDF preview, PDF thumbnails Windows 11/1^0 Explorer problem!

If the symbols / icons are displayed incorrectly in Windows 11, 10 Explorer!

In the file explorer show the libraries under Windows 11 and 10!

Safely Remove Disk on Windows 11/10?

Start Disk Check in Windows-10/11 Explorer!

Perform a full system scan under MS Windows 10 or 11!

Activate Ransomware Protector on Windows 10 for Free!

Windows 10 "System Recovery" + cmd features!

A shortcut on the Windows 11, 10, ... desktop for network adapters!

Windows 10  / 11 Adapter Settings Find Network?

Calibrate joystick / game controller under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Download Free Files Safely Erase Tool on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Download Microsoft Works for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Is running as administrator program dangerous on Windows 10/11!

Under Windows 10/11 programs and windows apps disappear, why?

After Windows 10/11 Auto Update problems with FireFox browser, why?

Gadgets Windows 10/11?

Where is the folder of Windows 11/10 wallpapers!

Auto size Virtual Memory in Windows 10?

The calculator button is no longer on the desktop from Windows 11/10!

Change desktop background when Windows 11 or 10 is not activated?

To-tray / notification area Customize or disable Windows 11,10 taskbar icons!

Prevent unwanted restart of Windows 10 / 11 after downloading updates?

6 years of Windows 10 and now comes Windows 11!

Change the user accounts privileges in Windows 10 / 11!

Enable History Printer for Windows 10/11 easy and smart Feature!

Why is the font not printed correctly under Windows 11 and 10?

Disable Quick Access in File Explorer on Windows 11, 10, ...!

RAM Test on Windows 10 and Windows 11!

Send by email in the File Explorer on Windows 10 / 11!

Scanned Documents Location In Windows 10/11!

Create A Share via Shared Folder Wizard in Windows 11 / 10!

Fastest way to a Quickly scan for malware and spyware on Windows-10 / 11!

Windows 10 / 11 control system (classic panel)!

Change the long date format on Windows 10/11!

New solution to add and delete Windows 10/11 accounts!

In Windows 10,11, ... install additional language packs, but how?

Can I uninstall Microsoft Edge?

Clear (clean) Microsoft Edge browser cache!

Brightness adjustment Windows 10/11, without screen control?

Selecting only one line in the Windows Word document!

Windows 10/11: Activate developer mode without any ifs and buts!

Activate offline files on Windows 10/11!

Delete Thumbs.db on Windows 10/11!

Create system repair disk for Windows 10 and 11!

Starting PowerShell on Windows 10 / 11 as an Administrator!

Windows is being prepared - depends on Windows 10/11 reboot?

Format new SSD hard drive under Windows 10/11!

Hide drives, Hard and SSD partitions on Windows 10/11!

Reset Windows 10 to factory settings without new installation!

Install the integrated PDF printer driver in Windows 10/11!

Does Windows 10 / 11 get Windows updates if it's not activated?

Windows 10 is getting slower, why?

The update will be downloaded but no installation under Windows 10?

Open recording devices Line-In directly via desktop shortcut!

OneDrive does not appear in Explorer Windows 11, 10, 8.1!

Desktop Clock Zelda breath of the wild, how to?

Program with which you can transform JPG into PDF!

Percentage usage of every file and folder on Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)!

Crosshairs with arrows on Desktop as Pointer Stick!

Mark pictures correctly with the keyboard + mouse in File Explorer!

Auto Expand Quick Access folders in Q-Dir, Windows 11, 10, 8.1!

Adapt to green nature the desktop Classic Watch for Windows!

Selected text to uppercase or lowercase Word Example!

A List of Windows Shell:Folders Commands?

Can I securely delete the data in the business area, ergo commercially?

Delete Secure the Files and Shutdown the PC, the explanation!

Customize the font in PowerShell and add more fonts, but how?

Why the Admin Explorer in a Windows delete program?

ListView_GetItemImage, ListView_GetISubtemImage!

LCD monitors, laptop screens and fixed screen resolution is wrong?

Change background on computer Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)?

The Folder options!

Local Security Police account lockout duration on MS Windows OS!

Too fast cursor in Windows text editors?

Disable simple file sharing in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

The network drive folder keeps disappearing?

How can I burn a BIN image file?

Open file by simple left click or execute if don't wan a double-click!

Domain, Home, Work, Public network, Homegroup, Workgroup Windows?

What is svchost.exe on Windows?

What is Unicode / I need that?

Reset local group policies under Windows 11, 10, ... via cms.exe!

Files that are younger than the date can be deleted via the command line!

Find out with PowerShell what is preventing shutdown and standby!

All WiFi / WLAN access points via command from the command prompt!

Synchronize the clock on your Windows 11, 10, ... etc. with a www time server!

Watch Star Wars Episode IV from Command Prompt!

Check whether the file is available with PowerShell under Windows 11, 10,8.1, ...!

Query processors from the computer via command line cmd.exe, but how?

Create multiple guest accounts on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, MS Server with commands?

Using PowerShell and CMD to delete complete directories, with examples?

Command to restart programs via command prompt?

Wi-Fi Password of your Current Network (show, find, hack)?

How to create at once several subfolders levels (commando-line)?

Missing attachments in Microsoft Outlook!

When writing with Word, switch to full page width!

What version of MS Office do I have?

Change the default Excel font in Excel for Office 365!

Delete a blank page in Microsoft Word, before do a Print Job!

The difference from MS 365 Office to 2016 Office!

How does the reading out of the texts work with this program?

Why do you have a 3D clock for Windows with a simple digital clock on your arm?

Is the Aero Desktop Clock for Android or Linux, Ad Free?

Can I also delete locked files and folders on MS Windows 11 OS?

Can I also expand and print Zip, Cab, ... folders under Windows?

Size in Giga, Mega, Kilo and Bytes folders and files!

How can I save or load the columns for the folder expression on Windows 10/11?

Add multiple folders to compare photos under Windows 11, 10, ...!

Easier access to the protected folder under Windows 10/11 to delete duplicates!

How to delete Duplicate of the images ergo Pictures, (rename, select) ?

Can my MS-Surface with Windows 10 or 11 be damaged by the tiny insects?

When time-out select between hibernation and standby for your Windows OS!

After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10 on the notebook again and again driver problems!

Looking for an USB Floppy Emulator on Windows 10 / 11?

Microsoft Office 365 Desktop shortcuts on Windows 10 / 11?

How to grant a folder / directory access for a program under Windows 10 Explorer?

Help, Windows 10 Defender is turned off or Permanently Disable? (on, Enable)

Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 Enable/Disable (uninstall)?

File Explorer Folder Options in Windows 10/11, how to find, open?

Shortcut to Manage Wireless Networks on Windows-10!

How to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 10/11 while typing!

Has my Windows 10 a Bluetooth support, how to find out?

How To terminate Programs in Windows 11,10, .. (Unresponsive, Hanged or Frozen)?

How to create custom desktop background slide show for Windows 10/11!

Customize Recycle Bin in Windows 10/11, how to?

The XPS Viewer in Windows 10, uninstall or install this print feature?

How to find and start in Windows 10 / 11 Administrative Tools?

Cancel all printing orders in Windows 11 or 10 via print service?

Save search results in Windows 10/11 for always recurring search events?

Where is the password reset disk in Windows 10 / 11, or how to create?

Is my Windows 10 activated, where can I see it?

How to Change Desktop Wallpaper / Slideshow in Windows 10?

Adjust the preview window size in Windows 10/11, how to (MS-Explorer, enable)?

How to change default printer settings for Windows 11 / 10 Home and Pro?

Where is MS Paint in Windows 10 / 11, how to find,  run, start?

How long does it take to install Windows 10 (download)?

Change a user account type using Command Prompt line on Windows 10/11! 

Where is the classic calculator in Windows 11, 10, ... (find, start, run)?

How to remove APPs from Windows 10 Start Menu?

Save multiple profiles and INI files to save the magnifier settings!

Set countdown to shutdown the PC at the specified time!

How do I benefit from the standby timer under MS Windows OS?

Disable Please Sleep in Don't Sleep on Windows 11, 10, ... OS?

Schedule computer to shut down at a certain time at program startup!

Hide the Mouse Cursor, Classic and New Strategy for Windows, 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

Is Malwarebytes good as an adware and malware cleaner?

Should I use a single color desktop color or a background image?

What if everyone had a GPU in their heads!

Again and again emails about my win and others with funny texts!

Improve typing and prevent pain, which keyboard?

Reset LG LED TV to factory settings?

Color Laser Printer Or Inkjet Printer, Which Is Better For Me?

How to open and edit PSD file?

USB 3.2 on old notebooks and laptops

Can I compress any 1GB of data to 10MB with KGB Archiver 2?

Anonymous or private browsing on Windows!

Scanning with WinScan2PDF under Windows 11 is possible!

No WIA and Twain after Windows 10/11 Update in Scan to PDF, why!

Scan area or page size as DIN A4 to PDF?

Unattractive aspect ratio when scanning with WinScan2PDF?

Bug: at high Windows DPI, blurred appearance of font and icons!

Can I extract images from Office documents under Windows 11?

Difference between paralyzed and dead pixels?

Create Printers Folder Desktop Shortcut for Windows 8.1 / 10, How To!

Create Desktop shortcut to run Windows-8.1 WordPad or pin on start!

Unmount (eject) the VHD over the disk management in Windows 8.1/10!

Magnifier for Microsoft Windows 8.1 (open, find)!

Open a new program instance or window via Windows Start (8.x, 10)!

Download designs, or themes for Windows 8.1, 10!

Shortcut to Restart Windows 10 / 8.1!

Turn off the left desktop corner APP switcher in Windows 8.1 / 10 (screen, disable)!

Add Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets to Windows 10 and 8.1!

On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to clean up the app folder, delete apps!

Create a password reset eg. recovery disk for Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows 10!

Update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 for free (upgrade)!

Use own image for the desktop background in Windows 8.1 and 10!

Direct Download Windows 8.1 x64/x86 32/64 bit preview for testing!

Where is the real Desktop folder path in Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11?

Enable automatic backup Windows 8.1 and 10 (create a File History)?

How can I change the administrator,  Windows 8.1 / 10 (user account)?

How to change the Windows 8.1 and 10 local date and time?

How to mount on Windows 10 and 8.1 virtual disks like ISO images or VHD drives?

How to change user account picture in Windows 8.1, 8, 11, 10 (login, logon, image)

Windows 8 on screen keypad at startup, start page, log in without keyboard?

How can i activate Windows-10 or 8.1 via phone system?

How to enable or disable Windows 10/8.1 password query when resuming from sleep mode?

How can i enable the administrator account in Windows 8.1 or 10?

Windows-8 Download?

How long does the installation of Windows 8 and 8.1?

Delete Amazon article "last viewed in history"!

Is the download of FireFox on firefox.com the official download address?

How to manage Google Chrome Passwords?

Is dropbox.com free and useful?

Export favorites from Google Chrome, for example for a guest account?

How can i sign up, register, log in on Facebook.com?

What I have to use Portable or X64, or ... of FontView OK?

Can I stress my Windows 11 PC with this tool?

Select Sim Card on Samsung Galaxy for Mobile Internet!

Samsung Galaxy disable the mobile Internet (turn off, on)?

CPU frequency in Windows 10 and 11 does not fluctuate, why?

The random number algorithms is many times faster than c++ rand, why?

The stopwatch window menu is annoying when the clock is reduced!

Pixel color queries with the help of program argument!

Why at Copy Paste actions show the selection menu on Windows?

Is Pointer Stick not a joke program, who needs something like this?

Why the MS Explorer print function in the image reduction tool?

How can I remove the photo resizer app - uninstall it!  

Where can I find the download for a good alternative to Microsoft's Office?

Download Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 and test it!

Windows NET Framework Download 2.0, 3.5, 4.0!

Drop your own custom flakes on the desktop?

The last freeware author / programmer on the German network?

Portable rules from 2018, Windows 10, 8.1, 7!

What is Micro-Staff?

Can I use Magic-Mouse-Trails on Multi Monitor at Windows 10 or 7?

Who needs another 3D benchmark on Windows 11, 10, ... etc.?

What is lossless compression?

USB drives not recognized under Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7, why?

Is there a difference between file management and folder administration?

Formatting and partitioning the disk without Windows?

The digital desktop clock on my Windows 11 is too small!

Is the desktop clock not a system resources waster for Windows?

The folder size settings are grayed out what am I doing wrong?

Alphabetical, chronological, numerical, intuitive sorting in the file explorer!

Folder total size in the File-Explorer Status-Bar?

The tabs are not always displayed (visible) in the Explorer view of Q-Dir, why?

Address bar rules in explorer views, almost like in MS Windows Explorer!

Will Explorer Q-Dir work on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

Folders expand too quickly at drag over, in Tree-View?

I would love to see the full name of the folder on the tab instead of "..."!

Explorer window have 1 or more tabs and default folder tab? 

How to change the background colour of the active explorer pane!

How can i filter the Files in Explorer Views in Quad-Dir?

The 7-zip context is not in Explorer-Views under Windows 10 x64. Why?

How can I block to open *.zip, *.rar *.cab folder in explorer view?

Forward and back-navigation and keep selection of objects in all Explorer Views!

What is the meaning of the "red" files in Explorer Views on Windows?

Horizontal scrolling with always mouse wheel, how to?

How do I take a picture of a specific window on MS Windows OS!

What is Alt-Gr for a key?

Difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi / WLAN!

Do files in the Recycle Bin take up space?

Difference between standard user and administrator / accounts?

How do I find out which Windows I have?

Difference between paralyzed and dead pixels?

Difference between picture and photo (photo)?

Keyboard shortcuts window change under Windows, with examples!

How to create a desktop shortcut for everyone on Windows!

What does the smart screen do under Windows, what for, why?

Where can I find documents on Windows?

How do I get directly and quickly to the Windows desktop?

Used RAM Windows, no deposit found?

Turn-Off or -On the Auto Updates in MS Office!

Data transfer rates for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4, how fast?

Workplace, This PC and computer, where is the difference?

How do I start the cmd.exe?

Let the program terminate correctly via parameters!

Changeable font size and color in the each cmd.exe Tab!

Can my MS-Surface with Windows 10 be damaged by the rain!

Edit and import file time stamps in Excel or Calc!

When drag drop are not all files and folders added to the list?

Do I have to insure this analog watch or is it possible without insurance?

How does Dynamic Lock work on Windows 11?

Install Windows 11 on a standard hard drive?

Where can I find the battery status information under Windows 11!

How do I schedule a restart for Windows Update on Windows 11?

What is the frame rate of my Windows 11, 10, ... monitor?

Can I adjust the power plan under Windows 11?

Why can't I align / docking the Windows 11 taskbar: left, right?

Activate / deactivate word suggestions when entering text under Windows 11!

Checkbox in Windows 11 File Explorer!

Can i use 32-bit programs under Windows 11 x64?

Deactivate the Windows 11 grouping in the file explorer!

How can I activate / deactivate the mouse trails in Windows 11?

Where can I find the contrast designs for poor eyesight in Windows 11?

Windows 11 login with PIN and without PIN?

Surf and work with a guest account rather than with a standard user under Windows 11!

Check Windows 11 Bluetooth connection and adapter!

Disable files, folders, apps, recently used in the Windows 11 Start!

Set the default printer for Windows 11!

How long does it take to install Windows 11?

Hi, is it possible to kill all favorite processes at once?

How to restart windows programs or processes with ProcessKO?

How do I know if HD is bad then? Is it certain number!

When you log off on Windows, save desktop icons but restore them manually!

What is better x64, x32, x86 version of desktop ok on Windows?

Windows desktop in the foreground at click doesn't work?

Difference between Save Current State and Save Current State at Desktop Item?

Has DesktopOK Save option for correct layout naming at multi-screens?

Save the INI file in my Google Drive or OneDrive?

Use right, left, middle mouse button as clipboard friend!

Command Prompt cmd.exe not receive all paste commands!

How to start QuickTextPaste minimized to tray?

How to Paste plain text from the clipboard via placeholder?

Can I still shoot the viruses away on Windows 11?

Can I continue to use the desktop short notes tool on MS Windows 11?

I do not like the color of the Desktop Sticky Note on the desktop!

How can I change the printer for printing of test pages?

Why the days in the left area to the date difference output?

What if the Window-7 or Windows-8 activation period has expired?

Switch Language in Windows-7 (install, change, add)?

How to change the Attribute(s) of a file or folder in Windows-7?

What should i do that the monitor does not switch off in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, specific applications or programs always run as administrator, or start!

How to change Short, Long, Date, Time format in Windows 10, 8.1, 7, ...?

How to open Device Manager in Windows-7 (start, run)?

Can I move the Windows-7 taskbar to different locations?

Enable/disable Aero Transparency via Desktop Shortcut in Windows 7 and Vista?

Where is the free antivirus freeware for MS Windows 7?

How to enable Screen-Saver Password on Windows 7?

How to Change Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings in Windows-7?

I have problems with Aero in Windows 7, how to fix and activate it?

Has the Firefox problems with Windows-7?

Mobile Hotspot AndroidAP + password set up, modify and activate?

Uninstall WiPing and portable use on Windows Desktops and Server OS!

What are DPI?

What is a char?

What is office?

What is a DLL file?

What is excel?

What is a low-level format?

What is a proxy?

What is a driver?

What is a VeraCrypt container?

Difference between check boxes and Combo boxes?

What is a drive letter?

What is a laser function?

What is a piezo element piezo sensor?

What is Autodesk?

What are energy options?

What is a router?

Explanation of terms: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G?

What is a special character?

What is RGB, RGBA, ABGR, ARGB (example, difference)?

What are Powershell special characters (control characters)?

What is a PS2 printer port?

What is quantum computing (quantum computer)?

What is it Printer queue?

What is TMC in a car radio?

What is an Office Product Key Card?


Alpha-Transparency and Tools?

Does BIN to ISO support MODE2 / 2352 and MODE1 / 2048 ISO9660 UDF?

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